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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On holiday

Thanks for all the enquiry as to my health.

Yes, I'm in fine fettle, just having a holiday in a few places where there is no internet, I'm sure I'll be back in April.

I think!

Monday, March 02, 2009


We've never been overly fussed on household security.

We do have locks on all the doors and windows, and close them from time to time in a passing courtesy to the terms of our insurance policy, but we've always adopted the attitude that we don't really have anything too valuable anyway, and certainly nothing that can't be replaced so there's no point in getting too uptight about something that might not happen.

We did of course take the opportunity of removing all carpets and polishing timber floors throughout our house as a precaution against the mess that could occur should our ever so protective neighbourhood staffy find an intruder within and he has a reasonable sense of who is and who is not intent on doing us harm.

Should we ever decide that we need more, it was only this past weekend while walking around Sunshine Beach that we stumbled across the ultimate burglar deterrant, and wondered where we get one of those:

"Warning" announced the sign in big red letters:

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