Legends from our own lunchtimes

Monday, January 02, 2017

If a job's worth doing....

We wouldn’t do any work on the house this year we said, after all we’ll only be home for a few months , and it might be nice to do “beach stuff” after almost five summers of “building stuff”.   Then a few things happened, a couple of stars that were formerly neatly in line slipped a bit, and once again the wheels fell off our resolution.

Two weeks was all it took to demolish everything downstairs that wasn’t holding something up, getting rid of excess possessions took a little longer, and like it or not, the final stage was underway.

We knew at the outset there’d be no no hope of finishing before the middle of March, but perhaps we could give it a good shake, as long as we could get the car back inside by then things would be fine.

We had begun.

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