Legends from our own lunchtimes



Once this site was going to be a portal of things we thought may be of interest to others, but maintaining a portal requires even more work than maintaining those other sites, and to be blunt, we are retired.  Having said that, my father once said that he'd only been retired for a couple of weeks when he realised he'd have to hire an extra man to cope with everything he had to do.   Therefore the links on these pages lead to what will undoubtedly remain an eclectic mishmash of unkempt data thrust into cyber space without a plan, because that's just how it's turned out.

If we build something, we may document it, or we may not.   If websites fall over we may fix them, or we may not.   Whatever shape they are in, they do at least tell part of the story of where we have been, perhaps none of them more than these very pages, but where we have been is of substantially less importance than where we are going, or where we are right now for that matter and of course who we are with.

Exactly where are we going?  Well may you ask.

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November 2016

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