Legends from our own lunchtimes

Friday, March 05, 2021

Dust collection.


It's been 535 days since we last saw our "Joyeux"and the count continues.

We think we've faced our separation with a good deal of stiff upper lip and bravado, fortified in part by the position we find ourselves in, in a place where "Covid 19" is pretty much something you read about being a danger to other people in countries which were less lucky than ours, and perhaps with governments less decisive to be fair.

But without being ungrateful or wishing to sound smug, being safe IS starting to wear a little thin when it means being perpetually land-bound.   

As our second missed cruising season looms, there are slight pangs of homesickness, larger pangs of missing our friends, (and greater pangs of relief as a vaccine looms not far below the horizon). Even though the time for a reunion is still at least a year off, lists being made of what might need to be done to get our poor little craft shipshape once more.

In the meantime on the home front, the 3d printer has been working overtime making bits to improve the dust collection system in my workshop, which is ironic really, because tucked up in that shed in Belgium is the biggest dust collector one could ever wish for.
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