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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Stevie

Today Steve, the eldest of our ever increasing brood turns thirty, so this week only, you may post your comments of good will below if you truly love him!

OK you don't actually have to love him, only his mother and Jenna could do that, but you can pretend, or I suppose since this is the world wide web, no-one is likely to see them, so you can send your wishes even if you only sort of like him.

Come to think of it, send them even if you think you've seen him somewhere before but can't put your finger on it.

I have to say, that despite the risk of singed eyelashes, he managed to get quite close enough to the cake to extinguish all the candles, which of course were so they profligate that after they'd been removed, slices of the thing bore more than a passing resemblance to bit of swiss cheese. Hmmm caramel mud cake tasting swiss cheese at that!

There are lots of things to reflect upon when one celebrates a birthday, but really the best thing about your kids getting older has nothing to do with the responsibility, maturity, grandchildren, joy, skills, talent and all those sorts of things that improve with age.

It's got nothing to do with reflecting on one's own advancing years either.


The best thing about your kids getting older is that each year the cake has to get bigger to hold enough candles, so there's more to go around!

Have a great day Steve!



Anonymous said...


I'm sorry that you aren't old enough for mummy to send a telegram, but you'll have to wait another 70 years.

Actually if you wait that long, it may very well be me who sends the telegram, after all I'll only be 130.

Never mind, have a wonderful day old chap!

Prince Charles

Anonymous said...

What a great time to be turning thirty-one, we will have abolished workchoices by then, so you'll have to go to work until you turn 90.

There'll be no choice. Mmmwaaaahaaaahaaaha!

Happy birthday in the meantime Steve!

Your friend in Parliament,


Anonymous said...


Don't forget to thank my former government on your birthday, for all the incentives we provided to get you working as an apprentice at a tenth of a proper salary!

I'm on holiday in Italy at the moment, but have a good time won't you.

John H

Anonymous said...

If you knew how hard it is to post a birthday wish after you've been dead 27 years, you'd really appreciate this.


Anonymous said...

birthdays are for pussies!

Anonymous said...


Don't listen to any of this.

It was done on a Mac.


Anonymous said...

I know I'm not that famous, but happy birthday buddy!

Love Shell

Anonymous said...

And I'm even less famous cause I don't even have blog/web site! But I'll always be younger than you!!!

Happy Birthday Steve


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