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Saturday, March 01, 2008


We woke up on New Years Eve with no electricity. There had been high winds and storms for a few days and this had finally taken a toll on the electricity infrastructure. We were in the dark, or at least we would have been if it hadn't been daytime.

Big deal you say, there are four hundred million people in India alone who wake up every morning without electricity, and hundreds of millions just like them all over the world who have never experienced an electric light source.

Maybe then you'll start to reflect on how they actually wake on time without their digital alarm clock, grind their morning coffee, check their emails and faxes, and get the news on breakfast television?

How do these people melt the cheese on their toast?

What do they use to extract their morning juice from their choice of three fruits?

How will they charge their iPods?

How, you ask, do they get their cars out of their garages if the remote door opener doesn't work?

How will they read my blog?

Why are they always smiling?



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