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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Lost Soles

Recently I've noticed another spate of shoes over powerlines, and I've been moved to think of all the injustices they represent.

Firstly there's the thought that some some ungrateful sod, simply didn't like them, and instead of popping them into a charity bin where they'd at least do the rest of the world some good, they've simply slung them over a power line, and presumably lied to their parents about where they left them.

For those among us who have lived in a different economic clime, when shoes were things that were barely affordable, the waste is intolerable.

The next option is even worse, because it involves the big kid. The big kid steals the shoes off the little kid, the little kid suffers the indignity of having his shoes stolen, then watches in horror as they are slung beyond reach. He goes home miserable, but not game to tell his parents what really happens, suffers a second dose of misery, while plotting his revenge.

If the big kid doesn't lay off, the little kid's resolve hardens. One day the little kid grows up, and notices the big kid is asleep.

Behind every pair of shoes hung on a powerline, there's an axe murderer in the making.



Anonymous said...

Sometimes you worry me Pa

Anonymous said...

I'll buy you a new pair for your birthday - leave the big kids alone.

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