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Monday, December 22, 2008

Why We Had Girls

There have been many times during our family lives where people have asked if I ever felt that I'd missed out by not having a boy to round off our brood.

That's really a question that never needed any thought, of course we didn't, although I suppose on reflection we may well have missed out on skateboard ramps and bicycle jumps and flying foxes, and for a while I wondered if that mattered.

Then I came across this sequence of photographs in my Mother's collection, taken in my brother's backyard.

I think we're really grateful for our girls!

( I do believe that Scott eventually recovered!)



Anonymous said...

The flying fox person looks too much like Abbie for me to believe it was her cousin.


nice pictures

Tammy said...

This too is exactly why I'm thankful I have a daughter. :0)

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