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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Real Men Love Jesus


But would a real man be seen dead driving a Tarago?

I'm not sure, unless the Tarago is a metaphor for all that is wrong with the world and.... well I could go on quite a bit about that, but I must admit I did think that if Jesus was to choose a Tarago for the team bus then there'd be a few players missing, because this one was only a seven seater.

I started to think about how many disciples a Bloke'd need if He was to come back and set up shop in 2009. Could he get by with just a Tarago full?

Here is my minimum team of Disciples necessary to get the message out in the modern world:

1) Publicist/Copywriter
2) Workplace Health and Safety Guy ( hi Judas!)
3) Movie Maker
4) Photographer
5) Sound Guy
6) Web Developer/Multi Media Editor
7) I.T. Bloke

I know that means that technically the Boss wouldn't fit in the bus, but the way I figure it is the I.T. bloke would be kept pretty busy at base anyway. Actually I'm thinking that if the whole operation could get away with just one I.T. person, then that would be a Miracle!

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