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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time to Fly!

The lag in body clock which comes with travel has begun, waking as we did before six this morning, not out of excitement or anticipation or any of those things, but because it was seven according to our brains, which hadn't computed that we'd not got to bed till midnight in yesterday's time zone.

We must now fly south for the winter.

By the time the day is finished it will be the day after tomorrow and we never quite come to terms with that bit.   It's late afternoon now, we have time for a quick goodbye on our way to the train, then our airport sojourn begins.

When next I type we will be in Singapore.  If that is not the case, the tale will be really worth reading!


Annie said...

ah, the long distance travel
and the jet lag
back to the beach
best of both worlds.

the weather is fine, and the bushfire smoke has cleared, safe to come back again.

cara said...

Hooray! Hope your jet lag dissolves quickly. Ugh long flights are horrible. At least Singapore airport has those free leg massage thingies make sure you have one of them, they're great!

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