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Friday, September 20, 2013

Sluggish - Einville au Jard to Lagarde - 30 August

First thing in the morning the world is at peace, but for some reason today, perhaps it was the mix of colour and mist, it seemed to broadcast a little melancholy and somewhat sluggish at first before warming to its task as it got underway and we with it, willing it on.  It was as if the day was as aware as we were that it was our last day on the water this year and it was somehow giving some thought to going out in sympathy.

It's always a funny happy-sad time for us, one of disbelief that our time has gone so quickly combined with the same realisation each year that we have a lot of work to do on board in a fairly short time, and a few hours from home we always seem to be overcome with an urge to slow down, to prolong the journey as much as we can.

When the schedule for the day calls for no more than two hours of travel, prolongation is not a simple thing, but we manage to make it three before slipping quietly into our berth in Lagarde, giving Mr Perkins his leave, and setting about doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day, presumably in some sub-conscious celebration of the cruising year that has been.

How then, some may ask could I possibly have slipped almost three weeks behind in updating this journal?  In response I can only explain that the day doesn't have a mortgage on sluggish.

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Annie said...

superb photo!

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