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Monday, November 05, 2018

Places to go, People to see.
Friday 2nd November - Lantzville

Perhaps we gave the wrong impression yesterday about just how easy life is in Sunny and Al’s care.   Be assured there are jobs that need doing and it’s a little hard to describe just how difficult it was to get a proper afternoon snooze with Al outside cleaning up the yard with the leaf blower.

Despite that particular adversity, we did manage to appear quite bright eyed when it was time for Rook and we to once again climb aboard the monster truck to watch them attend to even more chores in the afternoon.  This seemed to mostly involve driving down shady leaf strewn lanes to pick up organic eggs, or perhaps embarrassingly to dispose of our carefully carved pumpkins, now destined to make some equally carefully raised yet hungry animals even happier than perhaps they already were.  

If this is mundane, we do have some concerns about how we will cope when we get to the actual pretty bits.


Jack said...

You continue to live the good life. Beautiful shot.

Don said...

We're in the same time zone! Not the same climate, though. More desertish...


Ian said...

Glorious photo.

bitingmidge said...

Thanks to you all for your support and comments. @Don - 48 hours and a fifteen hour flight later we'll be back where we began! :-)

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