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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

From where we left off.
Saturday 27th April - Brisbane to Paris

Admittedly things had been a little hectic, and our flight didn’t depart didn’t depart until almost one in the morning but it was still a surprise to see how quickly one of us was able to slip back into her old travel routine.

One can understand a little drowsiness in the dimly lit, cosy confines of the Brisbane International Airport, but three hours of unconsciousness is perhaps a bit beyond the pale.   Managing to achieve six hours of slumber on an eight hour flight is not something to be ashamed of either, but really, grabbing another few hours in Hongkong on top of all that is tantamount to showing off.

The other of us, deeply jealous and by this time having been without sleep to speak of for more than twenty-four hours was starting to become testy in his solitude, and filled with vengeful thoughts.   That is how the first photograph of this year’s travels came to include a computer screen containing the last photograph of last year's tale. 



Rob Siemann said...

I've never been able to sleep on a flight. Remembering a sleepless London to Hobart, and return 4 days later... Out for a week on arrival

bitingmidge said...

I share your pain Rob, but I keep coming back for more.

Ian said...

What great timing! I checked your blog yesterday hoping for postings to have started (and I somehow having missed the email) and, disappointed, had to be satisfied with just reliving the final post of last year - probably as the same time as a certain airport insomniac. But today I am relieved that, along with Oldtimer's, Elle's and Wanderlust's blogs, you are on the job again. Now all I have to do is finish our last year's blogs before we leave...

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