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Sunday, January 03, 2021

With 2020 Hindsight


Last March, an eerie silence descended on us and we buckled up and waited for the Tsunami that became known as "the Pandemic" to sweep us away.   For reasons inexplicable, in those days immediately before kwhat became known as "the lockdown", many people gathered by the ocean's side, staring silently for a sign of the Riders of the Apocalypse approaching over the horizon

Fortunately for us, New Zealand is in that direction, the prevailing south-easterlies were virus-free. Not so returning travellers and cruise ships however, but swift government action aided undoubtedly by the relative ease of isolating the entire country have kept us almost free of the ravages being experienced by much of the world.   None the less, there are some cracks appearing in the fabric of our little part of the universe, and I have felt compelled to update March's photo to better reflect the present.

It's been an interesting time for us, rather than a terrible one, a time when we can be grateful for the sort of opportunity that presents itself when change is forced upon us.  

We've been busy of course and it's quite possibly a portent of things to come that the first post of the new year did not occur until three days after it, but the decision to write more regularly has been made if for no other reason than to keep track of all those wasted days, making marks to keep track of time on the invisible walls of our prison island.  For now though, the reality of spending another year in more or less the same manner as the last is beginning to sink in. 

Let the good times roll!



Don said...

My goodness, it's been a while.
Welcome back!


Pen Davis said...

Lovely to hear from you again. What a year that was but have to say that compared with many others, being retired, living in a village and in a state with very few cases we have suffered very little. Our major sadness has not being able to visit our children, one who is in Victoria and the other in Sri Lanka but we've become wizzes at WhatsApp and Zoom and in many ways have had more meaningful conversations with them during these sessions than when we are physically together - less butting in! The down side is that the grandchildren briefly show their faces and then they're off.
Well here's hoping that the world settles down a little in 2021, that Trump et al goes back in his box, that the vaccine is successful which may mean that we can travel and meet our friends face to face again.
Love to you all and that we can see you in 2021
Pen and Bob

Ian said...

Nice to hear from you, thanks for your thoughts. Let's hope that there is sufficient control and goodwill that some of us can choose to cruise in Europe. If not, then if you get the chance to write a bit, that will make life here a little more pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Hi Biting Midge, Well from our point of view 2020 has been a great year, we managed to move to Asia during the lock down and met a great group of like minded people here in Asian with many being stranded here, which unsurprisingly, they are not concerned about and continue to enjoy the Asian lifestyle. With some care and for thought you can still live a low risk and interesting life during the current pandemic.

Stay Safe

Neale and Trace

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