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Sunday, September 17, 2006

We have headers, and no content!

I suppose if one is to claim that one has had a blog for five years, then one should also own up to the fact that one hasn't really done too much thinking about it either. I find it fascinating to find that the "title" bar was switched off, as indeed were the "links" bits. Now there's a Sunday I could have spent doing other things!
We're almost on top of this formatting stuff....almost. I probably wouldn't have been bothered as I thought this was my secret little corner of the web, where I could play with jazzy rollovers and kindergarten stuff, but I forgot to keep the spiders out, then discovered that people actually visited those desperately unfinished pages!

So now I've taken down all the pages that promised stuff, and only link to stuff that's actually done. Subscribe to this feed if you are completely desperate to discover the quilt pages if I get round to them!


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