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Saturday, January 12, 2008

More Customer Feedback

After the debacle at the trendy place down the road, we ended up in a clean and tidy family run cafe, on a very shady verandah overlooking the beach.

Yes, lunch was a little late, but by the time we got there the crowds had thinned to exactly no one, so we ordered hamburgers with the lot. They arrived on huge buns with plates to catch the beetroot dribbles as they trickled off the bend of our elbows.

It wasn't just that the day was clear, the air was fresh, we were hungry and the food was terrific. The service was friendly and warm and if we'd lived there we would have gone back. Often.

We would even have visited on our way back if we were coming back, which of course we weren't due in part to the nature of our circumnavigation of the North Island, which was decidedly one way.

Inspired by the warning left for us earlier in the day, we constructed our own comment on the product.

Our gesture was taken in the manner in which it was intended. Even as we were preparing to leave, the staff had been assembled by a justly proud proprietor and the plate was being preserved in resin for the benefit of future generations.


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