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Monday, August 18, 2008

Bill Posters

In an older part of Sydney, we found ourselves walking in the proverbial dark alley. In an apparent effort to make it more hospitable it had been lined entirely on one side with freshly painted, if not brand new hoarding, neatly stencilled every few metres with the words “Bill Posters Will Be Prosecuted” in large black lettering.

“Wouldn’t you think they’d have caught him by now, and have it all over and done for?” I wondered out loud rather obviously.

Boom boom.

In my defence it turned out I was in the early stages of incubating what turned out to be a particularly nasty bug so wasn’t my usually erudite self, but even so I was alert enough to spot the miscreants in the light at the end of the alley.

They were dressed in black and wore dark glasses, they looked like the sorts of people I imagined should be prosecuted, particularly as they were clearly in the act of actually posting Bill’s posters. Guilt was written in their demeanour.

I snapped into action, firing shots at random, certain that there’d be some sort of reward if just one of my 8x10 glossy photographs was to prove useful in putting the miscreants behind bars.

Alas they turned out to be quite friendly, and we didn’t have the heart to turn over the evidence, particularly since they actually knew Bill Posters, and the bills they were posting were actually photographs of Bill, and the spot they were posting them was midway between Bill’s office and the pub, where they were heading to celebrate his last day at work.

Bill Posters, we know who you are!


freefalling said...

I know I don't always comment, but I read all your stories and I really enjoy them (and they're funny).

bitingmidge said...

Thanks! I appreciate the comment!

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