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Thursday, August 14, 2008


If I ever needed a reminder that there's a price to pay for everything, it was the changing expression of the grandboy sampling his first "Ekka Special" Strawberry icecream yesterday.

When one is not quite two, and one hasn't tasted strawberry icecream before, it's something rather special, and one doesn't of course, mind sharing with one's mum as long as she doesn't consume too much of one's share.

It's a pleasurable experience, indeed an event that should be approached with relish, if not gusto.

Until one gets to the bit with the fresh strawberry pieces in it.


It's a trap! Underneath that cold sweet exterior, there beats a heart of fresh fruit!

One will probably never trust an adult again, neither will one touch that cold sweet stuff for some time either, one would imagine!


Unknown said...

Oh I love the Ekka Strawberry icecream! Living in London now and haven't had it for years! Thanks for the tasty memories!

bitingmidge said...

It's a pleasure to be of service!


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