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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

There are things afoot.

The year has barely begun yet it is a month old.

The rain has barely stopped and is about to begin again, and by now we have a complete understanding of the expression "It never rains but it pours".

It has been pouring for a month in our lives and perhaps I shall summarise the events of the first month of the year in a post or two appropriately backdated but today the skies have been clear and the contract on the new Home of the Biting Midge has today become unconditional.   

We don't know just when it will be ours, perhaps it will be as little as a week before we return to the northern hemisphere in search of a less damp existence, but in the meantime a cloud of contentment has descended.

Finally, the journey that began in London eighteen months ago when we heard of the planned resumption of our house, has a destination.

Destination Dicky Beach!

A new journey begins, one that undoubtedly will provide adventure for quite some time to come.


Julie said...

What is that there on the LHS, in your backyard, I suspect. That thing that looks like the time piece that descends in Times Square on NYE. What is that?

Quite different I suspect. On a hill ... on a slope ... with internal steps ... now to google DB ...

Julie said...

Like ... have you moved about one km ... like ...

bitingmidge said...

LHS is an Alexandra Palm Archontophoenix alexanrae the cream ball is the flower spike, it will dry off, go brown and sit happily on a wall if we feel arty enough.

One kilometre you say; we would say that a journey of a thousand leagues begins with a single step! ;-)

Anonymous said...



Joan Elizabeth said...

Just noticed this post. Great so things are getting settled ... now for a visit.

Annie said...

Dicky Beach...lovely!
All the best for the move.

My parents had their honeymoon at Dickey Beach a long time ago...like about 70 years ago ... or so. ..when there was but a corner shop.
I think they stayed upstairs above the shop. Weird.
I think they caught the train to Nambour. I wonder how they got to Dicky Beach from there in those days?
Sadly they are no longer here to tell the tale. If only they'd had a blog.

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