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Friday, December 31, 2010


Suddenly the end of the year is here.

It seemed to take so long while it was happening, yet surely it was just yesterday that Mr Three as he was then, told me about the fireworks "last night".   It's a happy accident I think, that as we began the year with the youngest of the clan, we close it with the oldest staying with us, if not on the mattress on our bedroom floor.

She will be eighty-five next year, all being well and by then, the great-grandmother of six.  For her, it seems like yesterday that I was Mr Three.

None of us will be up at midnight, we'd rather see the new year in properly, in the daylight, without being tired and hung over, and in any case we've wrung all we can out of the old one without having to worry about wasting the last few hours of it.

It's been a wonderful ride really, this year and I've been grateful for having the opportunity to document it in a medium that my mother can't hope to understand and that my grandchildren will take for granted.

A few days ago I wasn't sure if I would continue into the next, after a year amid all our other distractions it had become too hard, but I've caught up now, and there are things that will happen in the future that we'll need to remember I'm sure.

The fireworks in the photo are not from tonight, but from July, Bastille Day in Lagarde, posted as a reminder of all of the places we've been this year, and that we do indeed live on both sides of the world now.


Carola said...


Fantastic shot!

Peter Happy New Year for you and your family!

Julie said...

Yes, finding the time to tend all my gardens is a problem that I may have nearly solved, too.

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