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Friday, December 24, 2010

Holding Back the Tide

No matter about my protest of yesterday, two things seem certain in my life at the moment: rain and Christmas.

In a few hours we'll be off to help Mat and Mic celebrate their first Christmas as Australians, and there aren't too many creatures stirring round our house at the moment I have to say, except the occasional frog or jumping fish.

Everything seems inordinately calm and quiet.

It's not the calm before the storm though, that's been going on long enough for the river to be rather higher than we'd prefer! It took eight years for it to reach these heights just once, and now it's been there half a dozen times this year. I suspect with a dam that's at 120% capacity a little bit of water coming down the river is to be expected.


Annie said...

mmm...hope that is not your house?

it is rather wet, isn't it?

bitingmidge said...

Yep! Or more correctly it's the house that's owned by the people of Queensland in which they let us live!

The Boat shed floor is set 50mm above the highest known tide, but five times in the last two years, that's combined with tidal surge to wet the floor!

Rising sea levels or just one in ten year events?

Joan Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the pic, I've been wondering how high the water has been rising at your house.

Annie said...

mmmm...just slightly worrying I would think!

bitingmidge said...

No not really, more than two metres to go before we get wet, and that's a long way when we are this close to the sea.

A lot of Australia would be in trouble if the water rose that far!

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