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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Three Dimensions

We know a couple of people who will have spent this weekend tucked up in front of their 3D televisions, watching endless shoot 'm ups, oblivious to the world outside. If ever there was a need to draw a line on a piece of consumer technology, surely now is the time, before holography gets here and the virtual worlds that it will bring will truly blur the transition between real and imagined.

The default 3D settings for our life placed us five hundred metres above the place we call home today, where the weather at the top of the Range, from the perspective of one seeking clear sunny days and the temperate warmth of summer, was not up to scratch. Animals with a thick coating of down and a propensity to breed in times of precipitation, would however have a completely different view, albeit because of the cloud cover, not a very long one.

Viewing life in three dimensions on days like today as opposed to watching a digitised facsimile of it, provides, a significantly colder, damper and infinitely more satisfying way of passing an overly humid Saturday. This is particularly so when that Saturday involves a shed crawl. In addition to the well known assertions about messing about in boats, there is much satisfaction to be gained wandering among other people's tools and half completed boats, and bio fuel stills (and alcohol stills for that matter), picking up pistons and having discussions on the finer points of a paint job, or methods of sharpening a chisel. It's probably OK to have the cricket running in the background while this is happening providing it is on an old radio or a CRT screen scrounged from a tip and the whereabouts of the controls long lost under a pile of stuff, if indeed they ever existed.

With real life in 3D, adverse weather gives time to reflect on projects old, and those not started, to run hands over timber freshly milled, and to sort nuts and bolts into old ice cream containers. It allows us to plan things for when the sun comes out, to work out where to put the drain, and to think about fixing the mower after Christmas.

Best of all, with life in 3D no two replays of any given day are the same.


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Julie said...

What an excellent little piece, Pierre. I would love a shed crawl, but have to suffice with a pot-plant crawl.

But you have inspired me to muck out my 'shed' over the next 6 weeks.

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