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Thursday, December 23, 2010


After yet another fortnight of continuous company, we took advantage of the foreboding weather forecast to cancel our dinner out, and took an early mark under eerie but none the less somewhat decorative skies. 'Tis the season to be constantly busy it would seem, busy for the sake of it, busy in the name of fun.

It's the first year that I can remember that I've been truly "unemployed" in this time, and it's the first year that some unexpected pressure from work has not bobbed up to put a little bit of extra icing on the busyness but I still feel busy, perhaps mildly stressed about a few things that need doing sooner rather than later yet not at all related to the season.

A few weeks ago Michele asked me what I wanted to do for Christmas, and I truthfully answered that I am happy just watching in while everyone else does their respective things. There are usually too many ambitions in that regard to accommodate one more, and I am mostly truly content not to have to worry about me in all of that.

But today I feel differently. The stresses of watching are I think, worse than the stresses of doing.

One year, just once, not this one nor the next, but some time in the future, I'd like no one to be busy in at least that last week. I want the week before to be relaxed, so that the day itself can be the pinnacle of the celebration rather than the tipping point. I don't want any shopping, or endless cleaning, or endless cooking or endless everything else.

But that's just me, and alas I am alone in that thought!


m2c1Iw said...

Oh no you're not.

Merry Christmas Peter, health and happiness for you and the family in 2011.

Carola said...

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and photos. Always interesting and creativ.

Joan Elizabeth said...

I remember (seems like yesterday) when visitors landed on us and made our Christmas busy. This year is not busy, all is calm and at rest. We've been to the Cathedral tonight and I expect we'll be lighting a fire tomorrow, it's chilly enough. Merry Christmas dear friends, have a wonderful day.

cara said...

My solution to your busy Christmas would be to go away and spend it on an Indonesian island. Not too much of a big deal is made of the Christmas, all the restaurants are open and serve delicious food so you don't have to cook... and you can kick back and relax to your heart's content, perhaps slotting in a lazy snorkel every now and then to admire all the gorgeous fish.

>faraway look<

Amazing picture by the way!

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