Legends from our own lunchtimes

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Satisfaction guaranteed.

I suspect if there's anything more satisfying that making something for a grandchild, it's repairing something that one's father had made for his own grandchild, so that her daughter in turn may experience the possibility of another thirty years of pleasure from it.

I more than suspect.

I know.



Joan Elizabeth said...

Hard to believe the year is nearly up. I enjoyed so much the daily update on what's been happening in your lives.

Julie said...

That is a wonderful concept - continuity.

My daughter is putting her own daughter's book plate in books that I gave to her.

I am organising (with others) a family reunion for next March, and I am the MC. I am trying to 'create' a sense of continuity of line. NOt create so much, as to display and represent. Difficult thing to do without appearing over-engineered.

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