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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Herding Cats

Anyone who has been asleep under a rock, or has not read anything of these pages of late, may have escaped the news that it's been raining for a while.

Boxing Day is typically the busiest day of the year on our highways, and sadly for us there is nothing but highway for the hundred kilometres between where we live and where we wanted to be. Even more sadly the rain in buckets combined with a few other factors to cause an accident which was sufficiently serious to stop sixty kilometres of traffic.

Serious and sobering enough to have caused the loss of a life.

Perhaps the thousands who were delayed in the course of the day will, like us, reflect on their mortality and drive just a little more cautiously in the conditions.

When we did arrive, the sobriety of the journey was forgotten in a flash (although tucked away for future reference), we ate pizzas and gathered round the Christmas tree and gave each other presents and refused steadfastly to sit still for photographs. A dog, three grandchildren and their parents in one place, surely that can't be too much to ask.


It was like herding cats.


Annie said...

Sounds very familiar. We tried getting the eight grandchildren in one photo. An interesting exercise. Had several opportunities, and have several photos. But not the perfect one that I wanted! Of course.

I once read that some scientists had done a study to determine how many photos one needs to take of a group of people to have a photo where all their eyes were open (or something). And I think they determined it was
number of people times two plus two? Can't remember exactly. But very funny and seriously true!

Annie said...

Glad you stayed safe on the roads. Had a fatal accident in the early hours of the morning next door here the day before the kids arrived for the beach holiday. hard to sleep at night remembering the carnage. Only one person involved but very sad.

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