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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It's nice to be staying with Sam the long suffering wonder dog even if he does bear more than a passing resemblance to the mythical chupacabra in his current closely cropped livery.

He has the most even tempered demeanour of any small animal we've every met, and is tolerating the new round of lack of attention somewhat manfully, just as he did when his first "sibling" arrived. After a particularly tortuous time involving Mr Four and a one-sided wrestling match, we were surprised to see him somewhat manfully lifted onto the hip of his master, and "disappeared" into the depths of the other side of the house. There was the sound of a door closing, shortly followed by the return of just one of them.

After a round of enquiry which in a short flurry of questions escalated to the heights of a mini inquisition, Mr Four admitted that yes indeed, Sam was locked in Mummy's bedroom, and after initially refusing to rectify the matter, when pressed he offered that it might not be a good idea, because he explained unable to keep his face straight, "He's afraid of Papa and Jojo."

Look at that face, and ask yourself whether that is the face of an animal that is afraid of anything. In a week or two when the fluff grows back, perhaps, but for now, I don't think so.

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