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Monday, December 06, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away

I should be full of beans.

I should be just wanting to get stuck in and do things and I am on the one hand, on the other I just want to lie in bed and doze.

When the rain keeps coming at better than an inch per hour, hour after hour, it's not even conducive to being awake. It almost makes me yearn for the airconditioned, hermetically sealed office with no windows I lived in for all those years. We couldn't tell what was happening outside from within, and our mood never changed accordingly.

There's not enough light in the shed to work on a painting, it seems to be darker than night even with the lights on, and with a half finished painting on the easel, working with the wood machines is out of the question.

I can't even hear the cricket on the radio above the constant din of the rain, wonderful though that sound may be when a more sensible number of drops are hitting the roof. Ahh cricket! There can be no better excuse than sitting in front of a television set than when there is a risk of drowning whilst doing anything else.

I don't like whinging about the weather, and I won't start now other to note that to date, after six days, we have actually already received our average monthly quota of precipitation, and I'm not sure if it's climate change to blame.



diane b said...

And my veggies are rotting in the garden, they want some sun too.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Ditto. It is so hard to get started when it rains so lots of nothing going on here too.

Julie said...

If one were to look back at the long-term average, the last month or so would be seen to be 'normal'.

Only having pot plants in a courtyard, I am forced back to the bucket after only two days of sun.

But this morning my friend, BoM, is telling me that I am to say indoors until mid-arvo.

Now that is a decent wavelength to be on - BoM.

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