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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


I got him finished today, except for the frame, (the bits at the top and the bottom of the photo are wall or a photoshop facsimile thereof, not painting).

Our resident pelican seems to be on vacation at the moment, in central Australia with lots of girl pelicans and Oprah I'm guessing.

Late last year, as the impact of having to sell the house and having bought a boat in France was starting to have a bit of an emotional impact, I was sitting on our back steps, perhaps my favourite place in the whole house, and having a coffee and a think.

The old pelican walked up the beach and had a bit of a stretch.

He seemed to be trying to tell me, that if one wants to keep one's life in balance, sometimes it's best if one doesn't have two feet planted firmly on the ground.

I thought I'd paint that picture one day.

And now I have.

(and he'll fit on any wall longer than two metres.)


Anonymous said...

love it!

cara said...

When's the exhibition? You can't just have one in France it's not fair.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Now that wall is the exact colour of our sunroom.

Erika Berger said...

I like this pelican and your painting very much!

diane b said...

Different and engaging. Well done.

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