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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Parting is such sweet Sorrow

I know it was Shakespeare who wrote about the sweetness of the sorrow of parting, but if he hadn't I'd have to have stolen it from somewhere else.

Often when we visit friends, or vice versa after an all too long an absence, it is as though the intervening time has stood still, as though some great TV controller has put the scene on hold while attending to a a telephone call, yet when we are reunited it all gets fast-forwarded so that a weekend passes in the blink of an eye.

We try our best to prolong the magic, but there comes a time invariably when we are all standing in a driveway, one party unwilling to get into the car, the other unwilling to stop the conversation lest the former do. New topics appear as if by magic, ones that need days of further discussion and should have been raised two days before, but eventually there is a stop for breath and a shower of rain to ensure the conversation doesn't start again. The car starts, the visit is over, and the journey down the mountain begins, to a place where the climate is exactly different.

"Until the next time", we say, and we mean it!


diane b said...

Nice shot and nice words. Nothing like a good old chinwag with dear friends.

Julie said...

'Chinwag' - what a good word!

And, I am guessing that this fog, is a similar fog to the one you waded through yesterday.

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