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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Some have noticed that a few days have elapsed for which there is no report. Well some have noticed that it's been more than a week actually.

For my part it's been a strange mix of guilt and helplessness as one day goes by and then another without the urge to combine photographs and words. Some days there are the words but as yet no photograph, on others there are photographs but no words.  It is perhaps a measure of just how quickly time seems to be travelling that when I uploaded this photo, I dated it November.

I have come to within two weeks almost of completing a daily report for the year, and a small corner of my brain seems to have run out of inclination, although I suspect it is more to do with that small corner being needed for other things.

The missing days aren't actually missing though. They actually happened and the reporting of them will slowly return over the next few days or perhaps even hours, filling in below, just as surely as the ladies from the gym filled our house last night, while I discretely retreated to the contemplative silence of the river bank, and the stinging repostes of the midges.

It's the better part of valour they say, discretion.

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Joan Elizabeth said...

I have been noticing your absence and have been thinking they must be busy. We stop being busy and have some leave next week.

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