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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Big E goes to the Beach

We went to the beach today, Elliott and I. The rest of them came too, his brother and mother and father and grandmother, but they left us to our own devices and disappeared into the surf.

It's summer after all.

The rain stopped for barely long enough for them to squeak in a swim among the flood stained waves, but we didn't care the Big E and I. We had our tent and our hats and pillows, and somewhere to lie insulated from the grit of the beach and the glare of the cloud.

We thought about going for a walk for a time, but with the UV index hovering at an improbable sixteen on a scale of one to ten it was not the sort of day that inclined one to test the durability of five week old skin, so we stayed snugged in the shade, talking blokey stuff.

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