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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Hiatus Continues

As does the rain.

The ducks that used to live across near Margaret and Roger think it's splendid, and have moved camp to our beach.  They seem to like the munching on the fresh tips on the pigweed, not to mention feasting on the drowning lawn grubs.

It may well be a poor year for chemical sales I think with lawn grubs nearing extinction as the water table rises to what seems like a few metres above the ground level.  Even our sandy soil turns to the sort of mush we haven't seen in a decade as we walk over it.  We almost got the wheelie bin bogged the other day and more rain, a lot more rain, is on the radar screen for the days ahead.

They say it's been a while since we've seen a summer this wet, and of course it has, but do they really need to look for reasons?  How quickly they forget about the drought that spanned the last decade!

We are only three or four weeks short of the anniversary of the Brisbane floods of 1974, so it's fair to say that inordinate precipitation at this time is not unprecedented.

Neither is inordinate procrastination, so I will try to catch up on the backlog on the morrow.


diane b said...

Rain is a good topic for blogs. Its mine too...the Wivenhoe exploding. have you grown webbing between your toes yet.

Julie said...

Yes, as I said on Diane's blog just a moment ago, the hassle is that we will forget the prededing decade.

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