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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


It's a continuing theme I know, but the list continues to grow as if by magic.

It would be good to get the seal coat on the painting I thought, so I proceeded to pull down the framing/layout table, except that I remembered one of the boys had borrowed it, and it would be a lot easier to make a new one than to retrieve it. Well I could do that at the same time as making a frame for it which reminded me that I'd promised the router table to Steve and it's going in the next few weeks, so there'd be no time like now to build a new one, which reminded me that we really won't want to take all that timber when we move, which prompted me to start laminating a couple of bench tops, which reminded me that I can't finish those unless I rejig the table saw enclosure.

After all this reminding going on, I started to tire so it seemed entirely appropriate to mow the lawn while there was a break in the weather, which reminded me we don't actually own a mower.

So I borrowed the mower, and cut the grass, and their grass, and the footpaths, and our neighbours footpaths, and got all sweaty and itchy and raced to finish before dark or the next storm's arrival and it was touch and go which would come first.

All of which reminded me why I don't actually like mowing.

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Annie said...

mowing rain, more mowing, more rain...
sounds familiar!

I have traded the heat and rain for the cold and rain in Melbourne for a few days for a wedding! Sitting on the tarmac in a plane in Brissie, for 3 hours delay, during a huge tropical thunderstorm was a new experience.

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