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Monday, October 03, 2011

It's come to this.
Dicky Beach

When one resorts to posting pictures of one's grand-dog on one's blog, it's probably time to hang up the keyboard for a time.

We are taking it easy, sleeping in fits, getting to know the house we left not quite settled in.

Even after a lifetime of living on this side of the world, the cars suddenly seem stupidly large, the sky similarly so, and drivers on the freeways just stupid.  

I had panicked for a bit on Friday, desperately trying to get all that had to be done, done before the shops closed on midday Saturday, to be gently reminded that they don't.  We went into a well known European brand of supermarket this morning and as is my custom, I made a bee line for the non grocery items on sale.   Browsing, I was surprised to find myself reading the instruction label on an item without faltering, and even more surprised to discover it was written in English.

I think we are a little disoriented, but to be fair to us we've been away a while and we will need to once again familiarise ourselves with some things.

Last Tuesday, in a Post Office in London we were scrambling to rid ourselves of change and found a gold coin that should have been a Pound, but it seemed too thin.   We couldn't work it out, so asked the lady in the queue behind if she could tell us what it was.

After a short examination, she pronounced it to be:

An Australian One Dollar coin.

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Annie said...

Gosh, that sounds all too familiar!
I have just been sorting coins this morning from too many overseas trips, and not enough sorting in between.
I keep trying to use American money in the shops still, one of them looks much like a 10cent coin. I even found a traveler's cheque from a long time ago. Wow. I wonder are they still valid. Hope so!
Love the early morning light photo below. That will be me on the beach at 5am with the grand-kids in just one month, fortunately I won't be the one with jet lag. The two adults and two very small children will be though. UGH.

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