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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dicky Beach

If there is anything more mind numbing than inexpertly painting the inside of a house, it must be unpainting it after it's been inexpertly painted.

Despite my best intentions expressed so firmly before leaving France that we'd do nothing to the house for a year, all that flaking paint and the creaking doors have got the better of me and so far the score since arriving back four weeks ago today, is one pirate ship, one larger hole in the living room wall than was once the case, and one bedroom almost denuded.

The colour revealed once the layers of time have been removed may once have provoked a "what were they thinking?" response from ourselves, but now, well it's sort of cheerful, and it reminds us of another place, another time. (click on the link or see the photo below!)

For an instant one of us considered leaving it, a blue-green sky dotted with friendly clouds...... but the rest of us thought I'd like to paint it quite soon please.



Joan Elizabeth said...

Ha Ha Jo will want that white very soon but can you cover up all that blue and make it white?

Annie said...

looks like a good start to an underwater mural I think!

Gerry said...

Love the wall and colour.
Thoroughly understand your hesitation at painting over it. . . such lovely clouds or are they melting ice way down south?

Joan Elizabeth said...

Well is the wall white yet?

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