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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Going Nowhere

Our little project is not entirely under control at the moment if truth be told. 

The living room is full of bedroom, the dining area full of study, the study is around here somewhere, and the bedrooms are pretty much empty of anything useful, except that whenever we need to find something that we absolutely can't do without a minute longer, it usually turns up under some sanding dust in one of them.

I suppose if I could only stay motivated to keep sanding for more than a nanosecond at a time I'd be making some visible headway by now, but every nanosecond generates an hour of clean up and cleaning up is one of those mind numbing tasks that leads to thinking. 

Today's thinking led to trying to discover what the living space might look like if the dividing wall was removed, except that once the wall sheeting was gone, the frame was riddled with electric wires running across and back and Trevor our electrician won't be back till Saturday, so we'll have to wait a few more days.

Today's thinking also led to discovering that cleaning up after removing a couple of gyprock walls takes even more time than after sanding. 


Joan Elizabeth said...

I was thinking of trying to visit you guys before you disappear again but am being quite put off the thought right now.

Annie said...

very funny

strangely reminds me of my two spare rooms I have now since the little family's belongings have been moved.

and also seems strangely reminiscent of parts of my past
where I said to my husband,
we could cut down that wall there
and so he did. Then and there.
Cleaning up and swapping bedroom for dining before dinner was a little daunting, especially when we had visitors staying. What were we thinking, but it turned out well anyway!

Have fun.

Joan Elizabeth said...

Well is the Christmas tree up yet?

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