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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


A few weeks in and the list we have on the boat seems to have paled in to insignificance compared to the list of jobs in the house.

The first wardrobe is in at least, the second ready to go, and the third, well the parts are in the boxes with the funny writing on the labels although with a bit of deduction we think we can spell "Ikea" in Mandarin.

Perhaps we shall have three habitable by the time Santa comes, but that's a bold prediction.  It's about economics you see, it's far more economical to have Brad the gyprock guy in once than once for every room, so sadly the plan to finish each room before starting the next has involved into a plan to start every room and leave the place in a complete state of disarray for as long as we possibly can.

We've crossed one thing off the list though.  "Airline Tickets 2012"

If the disarray is still with us by the end of March, it is safe to say it will be here until September!


Joan Elizabeth said...

Goodness you can see into the cupboards from the outside ... how scary is that. I use cupboards to hide mess.

Glad to have this post, was wondering about progress.

Julie said...

Ah, so 'crossed off list' effectively means ticked, not crossed. You had me worried there for a tick ...

bitingmidge said...

But you didn't get cross! ;-)

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