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Thursday, March 29, 2012

A bit rocky to write

About five decades ago, the elder of the two of us received the above postcard from her grandparents who were, at the time cruising somewhere near Fiji, on the "trip of a lifetime".

It says in full:

"just going to lunch must hurry give my love to Mum & Dad.  a bit rocky to write."

And that, dear readers pretty much sums up this blog for the duration of our small hiatus which is from this day, over!

Without dwelling too much on "busyness" it seems as though our spare beds and even floors have been mostly occupied by friends, children and grandchildren various for pretty much three months, and when they haven't, we've been occupying beds in some other location thanks to the generosity of  friends, children and grandchildren various.

It's pretty much been a roller coaster ride that had to come to an abrupt end a day or two ago, just so that we could get stuff stacked away, banking finalised, and things packed for the next leg of our own "trip of a lifetime" and that is exactly how far at least for now, we intend to make this journey stretch - our lifetimes!

We're back,so snap on your seatbelts and come for the ride, because as usual this blog will happen whether it's rocky or not!

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