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Friday, March 30, 2012

Jumbled mess

Somehow, all of the stuff on the table has to make it into the carry-on bag, but before that happens, there is the plethora of banks and government departments to convince that we really did move address a year ago.

But it's a different sort of baggage that's kept our minds occupied other than on the job in hand over the past few days.

Despite our repeated advices, demands, and now begging, it seems that every time we lodge a change of address it miraculously changes back the day before we depart.

So far this week we've experienced this phenomena from a bank, two government departments, one of whom advised that they have never had our residential address and still don't and were simply unable to explain how the cheque I was holding in my hand had come to be addressed in bold type to that very place, and then.  Perhaps our mistrust of all things bureaucratic  reached something of a crescendo when this very day, our medical insurer announced that I owed $1800 in back-payments because it had made a significant file error in recording my date of birth and wasn't I pleased that they had only gone back six years.

I suppose I should have been and maybe in different circumstances I might have been.

Oh well, back to the packing.

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