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Monday, April 22, 2013

Something smells like caramel coffee!
Singapore - London

One of the wonderful side effects of staying overnight in Singapore is that it allowed us to find a daytime flight to London.  

The other is that after that Coffee Crab, the potent caramel-coffee infusion that penetrated beneath the lower most layers of our skin was still with us, so each time we raised our hands to our mouth to eat Mr Airline's carefully prepared nutritionally balanced in-flight meals, our nostrils would fill with the delightful souvenir aroma of yesterday's lunch.   By late afternoon it was gone, but the memory will be with us for a long, long time.

When we thought about it, we had managed almost twenty hours of sleep between Brisbane and London, all of it in a bed, so we were confident that we would arrive in peak condition.  

Thirteen hours, half a dozen movies and a novel later, we found ourselves on the Heathrow Express heading for Paddington, with a familiar fog beginning to envelope our bodies.  Our condition it seems had peaked somewhat earlier than we had hoped!


Annie said...

;-) the best laid plans...

coffee crab?

I'll have my crab and coffee separate thanks.

hope the Spring is arriving over there for you. My daughter said NYC was a little COOL when she arrived!!

Unknown said...

Glad you like it! Visit soon! There's still lots of things to try!

Joan Elizabeth said...

Eeerk. I have eaten pepper crab in Singapore (delicious) but I don't know how I could stomach coffee crab ... it's so hard being nice when someone asks you to eat something horrendous ... after all I don't even like coffee chocolates.

I am so glad this blog has woken up again.

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