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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Time Warp

We are staying on our friend's boat in Paris for a day or two and it's quite soothing to be afloat again.  

We find it a little unnerving though when we discover that neither of us have a sense that it has been more than six months since last we were here.

We are in something of a daze really, it is as though time has simply stood still, or perhaps as though the last six months simply did not exist.  We can't blame jet lag this time either.  

But here we are, undeniably, once again walking the streets of Paris, living at Bastille, shopping in our favourite places, pinching ourselves because we can't be sure this isn't a dream.  

It's not, we are living it and we feel as cheery as one of Birdy Kid's graffiti posters amid the disappointing bleakness that seems to be the lot of Parisians this spring.

We are dancing the Time Warp again. 

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