Legends from our own lunchtimes

Sunday, July 06, 2014


Finally a day where the freneticism around us was displaced by genuine tranquility and a seven Euro lunch.  There’s nothing like spending Sunday variously in bed in a cafe and an afternoon just pottering with stuff between hail storms, to recharge oneself for the rigours of touring in the coming week..

Non-cruising friends often ask if we ever get bored living the life we live.  “No” we reply, but is difficult to explain the degree to which we remain completely occupied.  My stock answer that we spend our days doing absolutely nothing and never seem to get finished doesn’t seem to satisfy their curiosity at all.

Today though, after battling with bits that may keep my aging and terribly unwell MacBook alive for just a few more months, I was giving some technical advice regarding some blogging software to someone who had lived permanently aboard their boat for fifteen years. When conversation came around to blogs and he discovered that I posted daily, at first he thought I was kidding, then he seemed genuinely astonished.

“Where do you get the time?”  He asked.

I had to admit it’s not easy.  Sometimes we have to go without our afternoon nap.

Today we did not.

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