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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Was it something we ate?

Something was having a deleterious effect on our respective bodily systems overnight, and we both woke feeling somewhat seedy with the rain coming down in torrents.

The manual for cruising says: “if you wake feeling somewhat seedy and the rain is coming down in torrents, roll over and sleep until things improve”.   It goes on to say; “and  even if things do improve there’s no point in pushing yourselves too hard, so just lie there for a couple of hours reading.

Never ones to dismiss instructions we did exactly that.   

The battlefield experience we had planned for today would be hard enough without the need to battle rain and cold and mud as well.  There is no sense in staging our own reenactment we thought.  It will have to wait till tomorrow.  Besides, it's tuesday and the forts are probably classified as Museums and won't be open for visitors anyway.

The cruising manual doesn't explain what makes one want to stay or want to go though.  While this morning we were happy to sit here a few more days, take the bus tomorrow and be tourists, despite the forecast being for weather no better than today, by the afternoon we were calmly ready to move on.    Not far, but on.

Tomorrow we will be travellers again.

Unless we change our minds overnight.


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