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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

And so to Paris or maybe not - Monday 31st August

We’d planned it.  We’d made a dozen phone calls wherein we explained to all who would listen that we were going in to the city for the day today.  We’d even gone as far as marking out a nice little walking tour and were just about to put the map in our carry bag when we turned to each other and asked “Why?”.  It’s not as if we haven’t been there before, and we’d only  walk until our feet and knees hurt and then we’d have to walk some more to get back to the bus and we’d feel like sleeping all the way back to Roissy.

We could instead we thought, amble through the park at Roissy-en-France and linger over a very long lunch which would cost less than the price of the bus fare to town, wander back to our room and sleep as we would were we on the bus, but without the nodding, and perhaps fill in anything left of the day by tidying up loose ends.

Which is how this journal so suddenly came to be up to date, and we are already ready for the shuttle in the morning.   Roll on tomorrow. 

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