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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Let the waiting begin - Tuesday 1st September
The Commute

It’s that time of our journey once again where we wake up earlier than we need to, then watch as the clock ticks ever so slowly towards departure time.  We find ourselves sitting anywhere we can, mostly for hours on end.   It’s late morning in France right now, and we’ve already queued for the shuttle and for check-in and for customs and for the security checks.   Shortly we’ll be queuing for a snack because our flight doesn’t leave till after one, and it would be a shame to be hungry before we consume the first of two thousand meals and snacks we will be offered over the next thirty-six hours or so.

Mostly though, in between all that queuing, until we are ushered to that reclining padded seat and handed our headsets, we’ll perch anywhere we can find.  

That pretty much sums up the glamour that is international travel!

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