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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Putting off till tomorrow

It is well known that museums, galleries and even restaurants close when word gets out that we are coming, but we hadn’t seen a supermarket pull down the shutters on our account until yesterday.   The supermarket was just a few hundred metres from the boat, but of course when we arrived that it was closed for just that day to celebrate “stocktaking” which we think is a French term that means “our arrival”.

With barely enough food to last a fortnight, naturally we were concerned that we would have to do something to stave off the looming famine aboard as soon as we reached Montbéliard.  The port there though is located beside a wonderful park that runs along the river for at least a kilometre, filled with sculptures and nature trails and mazes and gardens and museums which very quickly took our minds of the job in hand.

Perhaps it’s just as well, who knows what dangers might lurk in the shadows of those trees.

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