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Monday, March 27, 2017

A billionaire for a day.
Okayama to Naoshima to Teshima or not

When one is staying in the midst of a grand collection of masterpieces, it’s easy enough to feign illness, in order that one might be left alone with one’s collection.   Actually the illness may not have been entirely imaginary, although thankfully nothing a day spent productively lounging around alternately tolerating the stupendous view from the equally stupendous room, and wandering among the collection downstairs wouldn’t fix.

So while the other of us marched off with the rest of the troupe to discover what was from all accounts the equally spectacular delights of the sister Art Island  of Teshima, the other reigned smugly for an afternoon over his domain, wandering through its corridors safely tethered to a place where according to a translation we had seen a few days earlier, he could “tidy himself” should the need arise.

Thankfully the malady was not of the lingering kind, fading with the sunset just enough so that one could partake in the evening’s festivities almost unimpeded, and at the same time receive a complete review of the day’s activities elsewhere on the screens of a thousand (or was it three) smart phones..


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Meg said...

Glad it was a quicky.

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