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Sunday, March 26, 2017

In Wonderland.
Okayama to Naoshima

The Art Island of Naoshima is truly a wondrous place. 

Our companions clearly are of the same accord as we, minds reeling, dangerously close to sensory overload in the nicest possible way, having spent the day before wonders of art, wondering about art, and it must be said wondering in some cases how the artist convinced someone that this was art.   Then of course there was the wondering if it was actually art but that wondering was always overwhelmed by the wonder of the architecture and the micro museums and galleries and the wonderfulness of it all.

With examples of the work of anyone who is or has been anyone in the world of visual art displayed in purpose designed vaults and chambers themselves the work of renowned architect Tadao Ando, and our room located within one of those magical museums but with dare I say it, wondrous views across the inland sea, we were in a photographer’s heaven.

Except that photography is pretty much prohibited inside any building on the island, and outside some as well,  just for good measure.

So I took a photo of a giant pumpkin.


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Meg said...

No pic of Ando's spaces? Well, I'd ask my money back. Some of it at least.

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