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Sunday, November 21, 2021

From the Tip to the Tip - Day One.


We'll deal with day two of our journey tomorrow, that's the one where we woke up, figuring quite wrongly that as we were in the Tropics we would be warm enough in our Sunday best thongs, still not quite sure of where things were put in our rush to get away.

Today though (remember kids this isn't ACTUALLY today, but now several months ago), we will just record that we did get away, and made our first stop the Caloundra Refuse Tip and Recycling Centre where we could make use of the weighbridge at no cost, which as it happens is exactly how much we had allowed in our budget for that item.

To our great satisfaction, fully laden with all our supplies for a month away, and us as well, we tipped the scales at 2420 kg, more than half a ton under our maximum allowable weight, and close to a thousand kilos below some of its commercial counterparts.   

Since we were heading to the very Tip of Australia and had properly commenced our journey at the Caloundra Refuse Tip, with a great deal of smug satisfaction decided we would name this journey "Our Trip from the Tip to the Tip."



Ian said...

You kill me ...

cara said...

Excellent. I'm looking forward to this.

David said...

I am completely impressed with the fitout and can't wait for more pics and detail! If I ever need to do something similar you are coming to stay during construction.

bitingmidge said...

Ha! Here am I a bit embarrassed - have it in small pieces at the moment making it a little prettier, but the lining won't happen till after Christmas now.

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