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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The top but not the tip.


Day two on the development road was almost the same as day one with a few of important differences:

It only took two days to tell the tale, not the four that the first day had.

It was longer, rougher, wetter and when it became clear that we had a chance of making it to the Jardine River ferry before closing time, helped in no small way by the recently graded final thirty kilometres we actually felt a little tingle of excitement.

Not that it mattered, we could easily have camped overnight by the river ("by" being a figure of speech in this part of the world where crocodiles tend to consider chubby campers as entree) but as it turns out not for the first time we found ourselves setting up camp close to dusk.

Except this time we were THERE, and intent on staying put for quite some time.  

Technically we were less than forty kilometres from the very tip, which is close enough for now.   We will go there tomorrow probably, because we must, but we are even closer across that straight of blue water to the place I went to school.

We are here, the rattling has stopped, and suddenly, strangely, to one of us at lest it feels very much like home.


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